What is brazilian waxing?

Brazilian waxing is the waxing to remove hair from the entire pubic area leaving a small strip of hair (landing strip or triangle) just above the vaginal area,the rest of the hair is completely removed from front to the back including buttocks and in-between.

What is the difference between Hollywood waxing and brazilian waxing?

In Hollywood waxing all the pubic hair is completely removed from the pubic area i.e completely hairless.where as in brazilian bikini waxing,a thin line of hair (landing strip) is left on the pubis.

What is bikini waxing?

Regular bikini waxing is waxing to remove the hair outside of your panty line.The waxer will apply wax to remove hair from the sides of and above your pubic triangle.

How long does a brazilian waxing last before hair grows back?

brazilian waxing last about 3 to 6 weeks on average.

How long does a brazilian waxing take?

it takes about 15 minutes.

How long does my hair need to be before waxing?

Your hair should be 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch long.please do not shave in between visits.

Are you using hot wax for brazilian waxing?

Yes,we use hot wax for brazilian bikini waxing.

Do you do double dipping with waxing spatula?

No,we never do double dipping.We take great care for hygiene and cleanliness at our salon.

How do i prepare before waxing?

Please exfoliate 24 hours before waxing.

Take shower before waxing and wear loose clothing.

Do not drink alcoholic or caffeinated drinks at least few hours before waxing,doing so may make your skin more sensitive.

Do not exfoliate for 24 hours after waxing.

Please refrain from sunbath or tan 24 hours before and after waxing.

And do not exfoliate the skin 24 hours after the waxing.

Can i do waxing if i am menstruating?

Yes, please change to fresh tampoon before waxing.And remember your skin is more sensitive during your period.

what health conditions should you tell your waxer before waxing?

you should let your waxer know if you have diabetes,skin disorders,weakened immunity or taking any medications prior to waxing.

How much does a brazilian waxing cost at your salon?

and whats the price of hollywood waxing?

We charge HK$ 350 for both.

We try our best to offer cheap waxing in Central,Hong Kong.

How much does eyebrow threading cost?

Eyebrow threading cost HK$ 150.